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Gives a license key to activate the Store Scraper chrome extension that can be downloaded from the chrome store. The chrome extension allows you to quickly scrape the title, price, condition, buying format, shipping price, return price, and how much the product is being watched or sold. It can scan through thousands of items. The chrome extension can be used by Ebay consumers to tell which listing out of many is the cheapest and best option to buy, and can be used by sellers to find good prices to sell at and what items are selling good. The extension has many scraping options such as speed and which pages to scrape. It also has sorting options. To view the information you can open up a table provided by the chrome extension or download the file as a text or csv file so that you can view it in text editors and excel. If you have excel and know how to use it you can even farther sort and graph the information scraped.

Note: You must be signed into the same account(email) while accessing the chrome extension that you bought the subscription on


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You'll get a license key to activate the chrome extension Store Scraper which can be downloaded from the chrome store

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Store Scraper

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