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Gives a license key to activate the Parent Website Controller chrome extension that can be downloaded from the chrome store. This service is unlike many others. With other services you normally choose what websites you want to block, however we understand that that can often be a very long list. We make it easy for you by letting you choose what websites can be allowed. This service can be used by people to help them stay focused and productive on their computers, or to help parents control what website their kids can access. Parents can make it to where only school related websites are allowed, so that kids are using the internet productively. The license key works across all devices signed into the same account. Meaning you can purchase it once and use it on all of your children's devices as long as they are signed into the same account(email) and have the chrome extension.

Note: You must be signed into the same account(email) that you bought the subscription on while accessing the extension


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You'll get a license key to activate the chrome extension Parent Website Controller which can be downloaded from the chrome store

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Parent Website Controller

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